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Partnership and distribution

Partnership and distribution

ikhova foods


Ikhova Food is open to working with other food companies/persons, farmers, horticulturists and even our customers. We only partner with those who share similar values with us.

Our Values include

  • Quality: Our customer’s well-being matters to us, so everything we put out is nutritional and sensory qualified.
  • Integrity: “Honesty is the best Policy” any deal that would ruin our “Good name” would be turned down, our vision is to be the #1 ingredients vendor, and we plan to achieve this based on integrity.
  • Flexibility: Since customer’s interests, needs, wants change over time, we would appreciate if you are open to mild alterations to fit customers wants.
  • Respect: We aim to earn respect from both our customers and partners, and we believe you should too.

For distribution to other parts of the world and states, we are open to suggestions and proposals.

Working with us is ideal as we love win-win situations in which we both go back happy. Establishing and maintaining long-term relationships is the primary goal of our every  partnership, so reach out to us here for more information.



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