Organic Red Chili pepper Powder

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Organic red chili Powder

A good amount of recipe features pepper powder. It adds flavor to your meal and gives it that “hot feel”. Our Red Chili Pepper Powder is organic. Generally, there are different varieties of pepper and each with its unique use. However, ours is red chili pepper and the most prominent of all. Ours is organic and isn’t adulterated at all. (Short description)

A teaspoon of Red Chili Pepper Powder contains Calories, Protein, Carbs, Sugar, Fiber and Fat in good proportion.

With Vitamin C present in it, it is a good antioxidant that is great for wound healing and helping our immune system.

Since it contains Vitamin B6, Red Chili Pepper aids in energy metabolism.

Capsaicin present in red chilies is known to reduce inflammation while acting as a pain reliever.

When it comes to digestion, red chili plays a pivotal role when brought in. They also fight harmful bacteria, which in turn keeps your intestine healthy.

Study claims iron present in red chili increases the production of hemoglobin, which boosts blood flow to critical body parts like the brain, and then stimulate brainpower and cognitive ability.

However, since Chili pepper is eaten in small quantities, these vitamins roles may not be obvious; nevertheless, it is ideal for adding in your recipe.

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