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Ikhova Food also exports products to USA, UK, All of Europe, China, Dubai and India. Depending on your needs, we can make available both packaged, bulk and whole ingredients.

The products we export are;

  • Organic Ginger powder
  • Organic Garlic powder
  • Organic Red chilli pepper powder

With good transportation and courier services at our speed dial, we are ready to export your purchase as soon as possible.

Being aware of the nature of our food ingredients and how prone to contamination, destruction or adulteration they are if not handled well, we employ the best packaging services and ensure your products are kept at places they can’t be breached to ensure you get your ingredients in the best state.

Our exportation process includes

  • Readily available customer services
  • Timely delivery
  • Product tracking
  • Professionals all through
  • Competitive market price


The products we export are; Organic Ginger and Ginger powder, Organic Garlic and garlic powder, Organic Red Chili Pepper and Red chili Pepper powder, Groundnuts, and Sesame Seeds.

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